What’s New for 2022

What’s New for 2022

Hello WTC Members: 

Spring is just around the corner.  The weather is warming.  The club will open April 1, 2022. COVID seems to be fading and the protocols have been reduced.  The club house will be OPEN and we have an amazing line up of events and activities for the membership for the 2022 season.

BIG NEWS– Check out the NEW AND IMPROVED website http://www.wellandtennisclub.com .  We owe Els Swart a huge round of applause for all the work she has put into making this website with a local website company.   We also have an active FACEBOOK page.  Check it out, like it and follow it.

As a club, we are entering the digital age.   For some, you may come kicking and screaming and others are saying …finally.  We are OPEN to take Memberships for the 2022 season Online – simple easy steps on the website.
JOIN NOW WITH THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICING   ADULT $180.00   COUPLES $325.00, FAMILY $405.00 and JUNIOR $60.00 until May 1, 2022.

We will also be going Cashless at the Club – all tournaments, leagues and events will be paid for on the website or with the cashless Square at the club.  With the BAR opening, all purchases will be done with this cashless system so bring your credit card or hopefully debit card.   This will make life so much easier for the members and Board to track and keep accurate accounts of monies for the club.

We will also be doing all COURT BOOKINGS online through the website. I’m very excited about this option. The rules and guidelines will be clearly laid out and the members will know in advance. There will be tutorials available is assist at the club at the beginning of the season. More information to come…

There will be four Tournaments open to members and non-members —- The Ontario Senior Games District 24 Tournament – May 26-28, the ROSE CITY Tournament over two weekends in June, the Junior/Senior Tournament July 21-24, and the year end Oktoberfest Tournament October 13-16.

Welland Tennis Club and the NOTL Tennis Club are holding the 2022 Summers Games from Aug 4- 15, 2022. Members will not have access to the courts during day hours and only the clay courts in the evening. Our Venue lead for this event is Kristine Atamanyk who will be keeping us up to date on our role and involvement. Come out to watch some excellent Canadian tennis. Tickets are on sale at the Canada Summer Games website.

NEW ADDITIONS – For anyone who has volunteered with the clay courts over the years, we are happy to announce that we have purchased a NEW ROLLER, hopefully to arrive in April to groom the clay courts for a May opening. This will replace the old roller that was older than Methusela.

The Board has added new Leagues, Socials and Open Play for every age and skill level. In addition, we will be having a monthly fun themed Social . There will be clinics for beginners and returning members as well. We are encouraging everyone to participate in both regular and newly planned events.

Dave Boland, our Club Pro has a fee schedule on the Website for Adult and Junior private, semi-private and group lessons. CHECK THE WEBSITE for the details http://www.wellandtennisclub.com

Last but very important, to make this CLUB work optimally, we need OUR VOLUNTEERS. Please consider offering your time and talents to the club.   A group of dedicated volunteers will be needed April 1, 2022 for opening. The volunteer email will be resent soon for you to sign up.

There are many other new and exciting changes but I’ve run out of space on this page.  Next Blast coming soon.

Linda Anderson