Court Etiquette & Fair Play Policy

Court Etiquette & Fair Play Policy

August 2022


All players and members have a duty to encourage and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and fair play while avoiding conduct or acts which may be perceived as detrimental to the integrity of the game of tennis.

Players shall call all balls, double bounces, fouls or faults, fairly and honestly. Scores shall be announced after every point. Line calls must be made so that one does not have a second chance to win the point. For example: the call is to be made before one’s own next shot lands out, bounces twice, goes into the net or hits a permanent fixture.

Players will not abuse balls or equipment in a dangerous or reckless manner with disregard of the consequences. Players will not physically or verbally abuse an opponent, official, spectator, or any other person on site.

Players will not use audible obscenities or physical gestures deemed to be obscene. ie. those words commonly known and understood to be profane and uttered clearly and loudly enough to be heard or making gestures with the hands, body or equipment.

Players will make every effort to keep the game moving at a reasonable pace, and not waste time between points, during changeovers, set breaks, etc.

Players are required to be on time and ready to play at the designated time for matches, tournaments and events. The tournament director must be notified as soon as reasonably possible in case of an emergency that prevents the player from being on time.

Players playing in club tournament are required to complete the tournament except for injury .