Membership Options

2021 Promotional Pricing is in effect until May 1st, 2021

All promotional membership prices below include HST, are based on your age as of January 1st of each year and pricing for couples and families are based on family members residing in the same household.

For all adult memberships in 2021, we are waiving the $20 fee per adult that was formerly charged to non Welland residents.  

Single adult between 23 and 64 years old
First Time Adult
Single adult aged 23 – 64 who has not previously been a member.
Two married or common-law adults aged 23 – 64
Two married or common-law adults and their children (under 18)
Individual Senior aged 65 years or older
Senior Couple
Two married or common-law adults 65 years or older
Young Adult
Young adult aged 19 – 22
Junior aged 5 – 17

Common Questions

What is the membership period?

The outdoor tennis season begins April 1 and concludes October 31st.

How do I pay for my membership?

We now offer the ability to register your information online with a follow up etransfer payment.  If you prefer not to send an etransfer, we are happy to accept a cheque or cash payment to the Club Pro or any member of the Board of Directors.

How do I gain access to the club?

Once you become a member, you will receive a three-digit access code to the club.  Please do not provide this information to non-members.

How are the types of membership determined?

Membership levels are based on age and family status.  We offer a wide variety of options to get you, your family, and even your friends playing tennis.

Do I receive a membership card?

There is no membership card but you will be provided with a shoe tag that you can provide to anyone if they ask for proof of membership.