Important Dates

for the welland tennis club

Annual General Meeting
@4:30 start
October 5

A&B Divisions $20 per player

@5:00 start
Oct 10-13

A&B Divisions $25 per player

Club Closing
@5:00 start
October 30

Thank you!


to the Welland Tennis Club

The Welland Tennis Club is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote active living and enhance the social and physical well-being
of its members by maintaining an excellent tennis facility and providing affordable tennis to all ages and play levels in a safe, friendly and sporting

Dave Boland
Club Professional

Club Membership

Select the best plan

First Time Adult
Single adult aged 23 – 64 who has not previously been a member
Two married or common-law adults aged 23 – 64
Senior Couple
Two married or common-law adults 65 years or older
Two married or common-law adults and their children